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Government & Politics

Unmatched versatility.

Our versatile government and politics work helps those holding and running for office manage and advance their candidacy, advocate for certain issue areas, find the best way to get complicated projects done, and mitigate threats to their team or administration.*

Municipal Project Financing

We routinely help municipalities finance top-priority projects and stretch their budgets to achieve their desired outcomes. Our team members act as bond counsel, structure tax increment financing plans, and help you navigate tax code with clear, easy-to-understand explanations of your options. Additionally, we also have more than 25 years of experience assisting local and national clients with subsidized housing/HUD programs.

Labor and Employment Solutions

Our attorneys not only help you manage your labor and employment issues with solutions that meet your goals and budgets; they also provide ongoing training and education for municipal leaders, free of charge. Our goal is help you strategize about the best way to build and maintain a positive, productive workplace, to allow you to work more efficiently and prevent the kinds of issues that lead to litigation.

Additionally, to mitigate potential workplace conflicts, our labor and employment attorneys routinely handle labor negotiations, provide HR advice and counsel, and conduct investigations, when necessary.

Crisis Management

Our team can also help proactively prevent crises—and provide protection if and when they occur.

Our crisis communications and public relations pros are often called upon to be on-the-record spokespeople for clients throughout the firm. In addition to working with you to shape the media narrative and re-shape public opinion in your favor, they coordinate seamlessly with the rest of your legal team to provide smart, strategic protection when the unthinkable happens.

Data Security

Our very experienced data security specialists help clients review internal procedures for compliance with best practices, hammer out the details of contracts with third parties to ensure they handle your data appropriately, and provide full-service assistance in the event of a data breach.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Our experienced litigation team is always ready to defend your best interests—whether pursuing a course of dispute resolution or fighting for you in court.

*Crisis communications and public relations work is managed by The Bernstein Shur Group, Bernstein Shur’s public affairs subsidiary.