Core Values Core Values

Core Values

Whether it’s a promptly returned phone call or an outside-of-the-box solution to a complex issue, our core values are evident in everything we do.

Bernstein Shur’s Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion Mission Statement Adopted In 2021

At Bernstein Shur, we want people to be their authentic selves to realize their full potential. To achieve this:

  • we will value, see, and hear all people;
  • we will further our understanding about diversity, equity, and inclusion;
  • we will create, promote, and participate in programs to improve the diversity of our firm and our communities; and
  • we will remove barriers to success, whether blatant or hidden.



We put our clients’ interests first.

Our goal is to help our clients in the way that’s most beneficial to them—not us. We never over-lawyer or over-bill; instead, we earn our clients’ trust and loyalty by providing honest evaluations of their issues, and finding efficient and cost-effective ways to help them reach their goals.

We also strive to know our clients’ industries inside and out, which enables us to see how their issues fit into the larger picture. The more fluent we are in what our clients do, the better able we are to provide clear, effective counsel that not only resolves the matter at hand, but also advances their broader goals.

We are practical, innovative, and entrepreneurial.

We don’t just represent entrepreneurs, we think like them. We seek out creative and efficient ways to meet our clients’ needs, whether that means providing legal counsel or down-to-earth business solutions. We also take the time to understand each client’s ambitions, as well as their present and potential needs, so we can find solutions that enable them to meet today’s challenges, and find and capitalize on new opportunities for tomorrow.

We strive to achieve the highest level of professional excellence.

We take our ethical responsibilities very seriously. We are sincere, considerate, and thoughtful with our clients and colleagues alike, and take pride in being the kind of people we like working with ourselves.

We believe in diversity, respect, and collegiality.

Throughout our history, we’ve seen the value of different perspectives and approaches. We view our varied backgrounds and experiences as an asset to our firm—and our clients. We treat each other with respect and encourage collaboration, giving each client access to the collective knowledge, skills, and expertise of our entire firm.

We are committed to service to community and the legal system.

We are passionate about providing exceptional legal service—and that doesn’t stop with our paying clients. We are deeply committed to volunteer and pro bono work and believe that each of us has a responsibility to use our knowledge and skills to improve the lives of those around us.