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Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Fighting the good fight.

The right legal partner can help you defend your interests in—and often outside—the courtroom, while helping manage your reputation and advance your long-term goals. We know because we help clients do that every day—and genuinely enjoy seeing them come out of a tough situation stronger.

While most people don’t want to be in a position where they need a litigation and dispute resolution attorney, many are pleasantly surprised by the results they get when they work with a good one.

Our experienced, thoughtful litigation lawyers take pride in putting clients’ interests first and helping them find efficient, cost-effective ways to meet their goals. We work around the clock and around the country, providing smart, sophisticated counsel for a wide array of clients.

We have the litigation experience it takes to win.

We have extensive experience both in bringing actions to vindicate our clients’ rights and defending them when they’ve been sued. We are able to leverage our team’s wide-ranging litigation and trial expertise, which covers the spectrum of our clients’ interests and the problems they need to solve. Our knowledge spans areas such as commercial and contract disputes, product liability, personal injury, legal malpractice and ethics, construction, energy, employment, health care, securities, real estate and municipal matters, among other areas.

We’re particularly strong in general commercial litigation, where our honest, aggressive approach helps us represent clients effectively, as well as areas such as data security and privacy disputes, where our collaboration with our technology, outsourcing and data security team give us an edge.

But we’re just as good at keeping you out of court, helping you find alternative, more cost-effective solutions.

We’ll help determine if your interests are best served by pursuing litigation, and if so, to what extent. In fact, even though we take pride in how hard we fight for our clients, we’re routinely hired by those who are trying to avoid litigation entirely, and who would prefer to seek a course of action that keeps them out of court—and the public eye.

For one, our team is both highly knowledgeable in specific industries and substantive areas of law. Additionally, a number of our litigators have advanced training and practice as mediators and arbitrators. As a result, we have the foresight and flexibility to help you find creative solutions that provide a cost-effective alternative to extensive litigation.

Plus, even if we do end up going to court, you can always count on us to be “deal smart.” In other words, we’ll be keen on identifying the best settlement or other alternative outcome for you, should one arise. And if we need to fight for your interests in the courtroom, our lawyers have the skills, experience, and reputation to bring you to victory.

No matter what, we always fight for your best interests.

We genuinely care about our clients; when they lose sleep, so do we. That’s why, whether we’re fighting to help you win in court or finding a smart, business-savvy way to keep you out of it, we always put your interests above our own.

That attitude extends to everything we do: As a team, we’re extremely responsive and focused on solving your problems efficiently and effectively, and helping you get exactly what you want. Our steadfast commitment makes a difference—both in generating positive outcomes for you and providing a better, more collaborative experience along the way.


Our team has been widely recognized by clients and peers and in publications including Chambers and Partners, Best Lawyers in America, and Super Lawyers.

Our practice includes:

  • Commercial disputes
  • Data security and privacy
  • Personal injury
  • Products liability
  • Legal malpractice/ethics matters
  • Construction
  • Health care
  • Employment
  • Real estate
  • Municipal