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Tax, in plain English.

Tax rules are as complicated—and potentially costly—as they are important. Whether you’re considering forming or acquiring a business or performing a complicated like-kind exchange, we can help you find the most cost-effective, tax-efficient way to structure your transaction.

Our tax attorneys counsel a diverse cross-section of clients from all industries. We work with businesses of all sizes and all stages of growth, from business formation to mergers and acquisitions, and we work with business owners to structure succession planning. In the financial services space, we provide tax counsel for transactions related to securities, public and private bond financing, mutual funds, and other regulated funds. In real estate, we counsel clients on everything from generational transfers of real estate and low-income housing tax credit deals, to the rehabilitation of buildings and complicated like-kind exchanges.

We also provide guidance to individuals on state and federal tax liability, assist with the organization and operation of charitable organizations, and counsel small and medium-sized local law and accounting firms on their clients’ tax matters. The depth and breadth of our experience gives us insight into, and the ability to take on, some of the most challenging tax issues out there.

We work hand-in-hand with other members of your legal team to meet your goals and objectives.

Our work is inherently interdisciplinary. Most legal matters have a component that relates to tax, so we often collaborate with our colleagues throughout the firm to deliver comprehensive, cost-effective solutions that meet our clients’ strategic needs.

Working with our business succession planning group, for example, we help clients minimize or avoid tax liabilities when transferring ownership of their business. We work closely with our litigation attorneys to structure settlement agreements, and help clients in state and federal tax appeals. We help the employment group develop complex executive compensation plans and retirement plans and counsel employers on health care issues. And we routinely help with complex business restructuring and use our state and local tax expertise to support our municipal team when they’re assisting with tax issues arising from the issuance of municipal bonds.

We break down complex tax strategies in clear, simple, and easy-to-understand terms.

As tax attorneys, we’re responsible for coming up with smart, business-savvy tax strategies that help advance your goals and keep your project compliant with the law. But as part of your team of business consultants, we also want to make sure you understand the tax rules that apply to your case—and how they inform our recommendations.

While we enjoy sharing the in-depth details of a complex tax transaction and answering any questions that come up, we also don’t want to bore you, get too deep in the weeds, or use complicated tax lingo that obscures the major points and keeps you from understanding the big picture. That’s why we make sure our explanations are “elegantly simple.” No matter how complicated the tax matter at hand, we explain, in plain English, exactly why we’re suggesting a strategy, how it works, what you can expect when we implement it, and what your alternatives are.


A number of our team’s attorneys have earned Martindale-Hubbell AV ratings and been named Super Lawyers for New England.

Our practice includes:

  • Like-kind exchange transactions
  • Business succession planning
  • Planning for flow-through entities (partnerships, LLCs, and S corporations)
  • Structuring mergers and acquisitions
  • Affordable Care Act compliance
  • Tax aspects of private and public bond financing
  • Tax credit deal structure and transaction planning