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Technology, Outsourcing & Data Security

Secure your business.

New technologies. New competitors. New regulations. It’s a tight market for the talent you need to grow your business. In most industries, getting—and staying—ahead requires taking a holistic approach to strengthening your company, adapting new technologies, improving your business processes, and finding new ways to break away from the competition at home and abroad.

With years of experience handling some of the most sophisticated work in the space, our technology transactions and data security team is uniquely able to help you do just that.

We navigate the world of technology transactions and data security.

Our outsourcing transactions, data security, software licensing, and cloud computing work spans a broad array of industry segments and deal types—including many that call for the kind of sophisticated counsel that’s hard to find outside of Big Law.

We’ve helped mid-sized software-development companies successfully negotiate with—and protect their interests against—large global companies with far greater reach and resources.

Outside of the software space, we’ve helped clients who are creating game-changing technology figure out the best way to develop their products and bring them to market.

And on the other end of the spectrum, we’ve helped international banks close large, complicated outsourcing transactions with many moving parts, multiple stakeholders, and a lot riding on the deal’s success.

But it’s our approach that sets us apart.

We think of ourselves as an extension of clients’ in-house counsel, dedicated to not only resolving issues at hand, but also helping you meet your long-term goals. For some clients, those goals are developing and bringing an innovative new product to market; for many others, the goal is simply to outsource their data protection to a third party who can properly safeguard it.

No matter what issue you’re facing, we take the time to understand the technologies and markets in which you operate—often at our own expense. And we deliver sophisticated legal counsel that helps you meet the challenge at hand, as well as holistic, strategic advice that can help you grow and strengthen your business over the long term. Best of all, we do it all efficiently and cost-effectively.

We know the ins and outs of keeping your data secure.

Relying on a third party to store your data can help drive your company’s efficiency, but it can also open you up to new risks. To help you comply with ever-changing privacy and data regulations and help protect your sensitive information, we review contracts to verify that third parties handle your data properly; that you’ll have access to the information you need if a security breach occurs; and (importantly) that your personal liability is limited.

We’ll also review your internal procedures for compliance with industry-standard best practices and state and federal law, and work with the rest of your cyber-security team—the technical providers and insurance brokers—to make sure you’re as well protected as possible.

And if the unthinkable happens, we’ll help you manage the fallout—and prevent future issues.

If you’re ever the victim of a data breach, we’ll provide full-service assistance to mitigate the damage—we’ll help you meet notice obligations, advocate on your behalf with insurers, defend you in the event of litigation, and help you strategically minimize the public windfall. Most important, we’ll work with experienced technical professionals to determine the cause of the breach in the first place, so we can help you avoid another one.

Our Clients
  • Software and other technology companies
  • Companies of all sizes who are developing and/or using IT and other advanced technologies
  • Banks
  • Universities
  • Telemarketers
  • Telecom companies
  • Municipalities
  • Insurance companies
  • Healthcare providers

Our practice includes:

  • Software licensing
  • Outsourcing transaction services
  • Cloud computing
  • Information security