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There for you in a crisis.

When a crisis hits, there’s so much on the line that professional guidance on what to say (and what not to say) is necessary. That’s when our experienced crisis communications and public relations group* comes in.

Crisis Management & Public Relations Details

No matter what industry you’re in, and how careful you are, you could find yourself facing a complicated communications crisis. Sometimes the best strategy is not to say anything. Sometimes the best strategy involves taking an aggressive, proactive approach and speaking to the media. We help our clients manage media scrutiny, protect their business interests, and control the public narrative—and with it, public opinion.

We make, manage, and monitor the message.

As experienced public relations professionals, we’re the people who make, manage, and monitor your message, getting it out at an event, in a press release, through a formal statement, or via ongoing community relations work.

Often, we’re called upon to be the on-the-record spokesperson for clients engaged in advocacy and political work. Whether you’re trying to create a new national park, build a new energy plant, or simply maintain a strong, consistent media presence, our experienced team members will represent you and your interests in the best possible light.

And we’re exactly who you want in a crisis.

While we offer the full spectrum of PR support, our work defending clients in high-pressure crises has been some of our best. Years of working in the political arena have given us wide-ranging experience dealing with every kind of crisis, as well as the media skills to protect our clients’ interests. No matter what kind of crisis you’re dealing with, rest assured: We’ve seen it before—and we’re ready to provide 24/7 support to help you get through it successfully.

As a team, we excel at taking complex, controversial, and divisive subjects and telling a story around them, creating a narrative that moves people in your direction. We’ll work with you to put together a smart, media-savvy communications plan and tell a consistent, compelling, and strategic narrative that controls potential damage and starts to turn public opinion.

In addition to shaping your story, we know how to get it out to the public.

Whether you’re in a crisis or just trying to get your name out there, crafting the right story is only half the battle: You also need connections to ensure it reaches the right audiences. Our team members’ backgrounds in journalism and public affairs have given us unmatched relationships with the local and regional media, which makes it easier for us to place stories and get coverage for our clients.

And we’re just as good on the ground and in the trenches, talking and meeting with actual people and building grassroots support for issues and initiatives. We routinely help local businesses, for example, tell their story to the surrounding community and bring their neighbors on board with new developments. As part of our plan, we might help provide information to community members, attend community meetings, discuss the project’s impact on their lives, and work to earn their support.

Because of our full-scale coordinated efforts, we were able to run the only successful campaign in ME to stop an anti-wind moratorium, and because of our coordinated PR, campaign, and government relations work, ME was the first state to allow all loving, committed couples to marry—regardless of their sexual orientation.

Plus, we coordinate with your legal team, seamlessly.

We frequently work with our colleagues in education, energy, and labor and employment, helping them manage scandals, equipment failures, OSHA violations, and more—the kinds of things that happen, at some point, to many businesses, but that can still drive extremely negative media coverage.

We also have extensive experience in governmental data breaches, and collaborate often with our data security team to provide interdisciplinary support during a crisis. Working hand-in-hand with our attorneys, we help our clients draft required notifications, prepare employees for inquiries with scripts and information sheets, and figure out which steps to take to communicate effectively through the media.

* Crisis communications and public relations work is managed by The Bernstein Shur Group, Bernstein Shur’s public affairs subsidiary.