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Shift ahead.

We know the automotive industry from top to bottom—we even have former industry insiders as part of our team. Our insight helps us resolve issues while navigating the big picture, without losing sight of the how all the parts fit together in the first place.

Whether you are handling the daily challenges of growing and operating your business or settling a dispute, we understand how industry expertise can change the legal landscape. We regularly represent automotive and equipment dealers in a variety of matters, including dealership buy-sells, dealership operation, compliance, add point protests, consumer litigation, products liability litigation, franchise law and regulatory matters. Our attorneys have 30+ years of experience handling the complexities that make the industry so unique, finding solutions to match—and focusing on getting you exactly where you want to go.

We’re focused on you.

We’re here both for you, and because of you. We never lose sight of our clients’ needs, their goals, and the most efficient way to achieve them. We take every opportunity to imbue our highest professional values in every aspect of our practice, from creative problem solving and conflict resolution to responsiveness.

We can help you shift gears.

Even though we take pride in how hard we fight for our clients, we’re routinely hired by those who are trying to avoid litigation entirely, and who would prefer to seek a course of action that keeps them out of court—and the public eye. But, if we need to fight for your interests in the courtroom, our lawyers have the skills, experience, and reputation to bring you to victory.

So you cross the finish line.

We’re one of the largest, most experienced dealer practices in New England, with attorneys admitted to practice in ME, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. Many of us are members of the National Association of Dealership Counsel—the leading organization for attorneys who practice in this area. Ultimately, we’re focused on the goal, how to get there, and how to help you prepare for what comes next.

Our expertise includes:
  • FTC regulation compliance
  • ME, Massachusetts and New Hampshire state law compliance
  • Administrative litigation concerning new dealer franchises or locations
  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Succession and estate planning
  • General business matters

Our practice includes:

  • Representing sellers and acquirers in dealership buy-sell transactions
  • Counseling dealers on F&I compliance
  • Defending dealers from consumer and products liability litigation
  • Negotiating vendor agreements
  • Representing dealers in add point protests