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Succession Planning

Keep the success in succession.

When it comes time to transfer, expand, or set parameters for changing ownership of your business, do you know where to turn? You may have been so busy building your company that you may not have had the time to consider your own end game, or where to seek advice on how to navigate it. That’s where we come in.

Whether you own or oversee a family or closely held business, or a larger, more widely held company, you’ll find business-savvy partners in us. Our team brings a broad understanding of the legal, technical, and tax implications of business succession, and has the people skills and business acumen to craft and coordinate a smart, strategic plan that fits your needs.

We provide comprehensive counsel on every aspect of business succession planning.

As part of a larger firm with diverse industry and practice area expertise, we’re uniquely equipped to do it all. You can rely on our thorough, committed, interdisciplinary team of attorneys for sophisticated estate and tax planning techniques, business organization counsel, and help working out insurance arrangements, founder retirement financing, and structures for management or sale.

And if the going gets tough, we really get going, with a litigation and dispute resolution team ready to jump in at a moment’s notice.

Plus we’re good at the softer side of things.

Particularly with family-owned businesses, preserving harmony and goodwill during the transition is a key goal—and can be a challenge, both within your company and your family. Fortunately, in addition to our legal expertise, we have the people-management skills it takes to help you successfully navigate sensitive territory. When necessary, we’ll help you smooth things over internally and strategize about the best ways to get key stakeholders on board.

Our attorneys manage your team of advisors, so you can focus on the big picture.

Business succession planning requires the talents of many business advisors: lawyers, accountants, consultants, psychologists, insurance advisors and other professionals. The sheer number of advisors, opinions, and approaches can be stressful to handle alone—and can become complicated when some advisors work in a vacuum, or when one advisor’s approach conflicts with another’s.

Having spent years building relationships with top advisors in these related disciplines, we know how all the key players fit in, how to inspire their best work, and how to manage them efficiently and effectively. With our team at the helm, you’ll receive a seamlessly coordinated strategy that reflects your advisors’ collective insight and expertise.

We know the business end of business.

Many of us come from business backgrounds and have spent most of our professional lives working with family-owned businesses on all aspects of their operations, so we “get” what entrepreneurs go through when they’re considering the next phase of their company’s evolution. Additionally, as a team, we bring an intimate knowledge of a variety of industries, from lumber and construction to financial services, municipal government, and education. Our on-the-ground insight and industry knowledge inform our approach, making us better able to counsel you toward comprehensive solutions that make sense for your business—and make your succession seamless.

It’s never too soon to call us.

Even if you just started to turn a profit on your young business, it’s never too early to plan for the long term. Besides, we love getting involved with a business on the ground floor. Early in the process, we can better understand and help you articulate your succession planning principles, and then work with you to structure your business and estate plans to best achieve your goals down the road.