Five Bernstein Shur Attorneys Set to be Featured Speakers During the Maine State Bar Association 2022 Summer Bar Conference


Five Bernstein Shur Attorneys Set to be Featured Speakers During the Maine State Bar Association 2022 Summer Bar Conference

DATE: 15-17 JUN 2022
TIME: Various
LOCATION: Harborside Hotel – Bar Harbor, ME
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Attorneys Asha Echeverria, Mike Bosse, David Soley, Adam Prescott & Kyle Smith will be featured during the Maine State Bar Association’s 2022 Summer Bar Conference taking place at the Harborside Hotel, Spa & Marina in Bar Harbor, ME June 15-17, 2022. The conference will cover a wide range of topics from animal law to workers’ compensation law, as well as three sessions, including a plenary section, focused on indigenous and tribal law. With topics covering several practice areas as well as sessions on implicit bias, mentoring and professionalism, there are ample opportunities to learn ways to enhance your practice, well-being and your legal knowledge.

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Bernstein Shur Featured Attorneys & Sessions: 

Being a Neutral Means Being Neutral: Recognizing & Avoiding Bias in
Mediation (1.0 H&D)

As Covid continues to delay adjudication of cases in the trial courts, more attorneys and parties are turning to private ADR to resolve their cases. Whether it is a mediation, arbitration, reference or some other form of ADR, it is important that the parties feel they have been heard and understood. Learn how implicit bias may impact a mediation and, through role plays, identify how to deal with those situations when they arise. This will include discussion of how to prepare as an attorney and how to prepare clients so that ADR is a more meaningful experience for the client.


Introduction to Animal Law
While those of us who practice animal law are familiar with several areas of the relevant law, most practitioners in Maine are not. This seminar will provide a basic understanding of the history of animal law, including its gaining attention nationwide and with the American Bar Association. Hear examples of where Maine law intersects with animal law specifically, and learn about new, cutting-edge case law that is developing the field of animal law in 2022.


The Latest & Greatest Developments in Maine Real Estate Law
Real estate disputes are now outpacing divorce and personal injury litigation as the hottest cases on the block. This program is a thoughtful, comprehensive, and entertaining review of all material real estate cases and statutes which have come out of the Law Court, the Maine Federal Court, the First Circuit, and the Legislature in the last 18 months. It is a must-attend program for all lawyers who are practicing in the real estate arena—or looking to get their feet wet.


Perspectives on Two Years of the Small Business Reorganization Act for Financially Distressed Businesses & Individuals in Maine 
The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented global phenomenon that has prompted massive, unforeseen shifts in the economy, supply chains, and everyday consumer behavior. During this time, the Small Business Reorganization Act (SBRA) was passed by Congress to give eligible small businesses and individuals a new opportunity to restructure their debts and reorganize their financial affairs through a faster, more effective, and more affordable version of Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Learn what prompted Congress to pass the SBRA, the basics of the SBRA that every practitioner working with financially distressed businesses and individuals should know, and whether the SBRA has been effective in achieving Congress’s goals through the first two years. Finally, the speakers will look closer to home at the statistics for early SBRA cases filed in Maine and what those cases reveal about the past, present, and future of the SBRA in the State.


  • Kellie W. Fisher, Esq., Drummond Woodsum, Portland
  • Adam R. Prescott, Esq., Bernstein Shur, Portland
  • Kyle D. Smith, Esq., Bernstein Shur, Portland.