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Counsel that pairs well with your craft.

We work with clients in all sectors of the food and beverage industry. They range from suppliers and manufacturers, to packagers, brokers, distributors, retailers, restaurants, and food trucks, to guilds and other trade associations. We aren’t just lawyers; we’re brewers, distillers, chefs, farmers, buyers, and consumers. We know why you’ve chosen to do what you do, and we’re ready to show you how to take the next step.

We help food and beverage entrepreneurs successfully launch and grow their businesses by offering both start-up and later-stage legal and business advice, such as:

  • Choosing the proper business entity
  • Protecting brand identity
  • Raising capital and working with investors
  • Selecting the right business location
  • Navigating liquor and food safety laws
  • Anticipating and understanding legislative changes
  • Contracting with business partners
  • Developing workplace health and safety management systems, policies, and procedures
We know the laws that affect your business.

We represent dozens of food and beverage businesses of all sizes, and we leverage that experience to help you navigate the complex framework of federal, state, and local liquor and food safety laws. In particular, we have a deep understanding of federal and state licensing and compliance issues relating to breweries, distilleries, and wineries, such as Brewer’s Notices, Basic Permits, Distilled Spirits Plants, Certificates of Label Approval, and Beverage Alcohol Formulas. Additionally, we know the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2011 inside and out.

We know not only which license or approval your business needs, we know where, when, and how to get it—and get it quickly. We not only help you get in compliance, but we also help you stay in compliance with our on-going support and training programs that let you know when reports and other filings are due and what is required for each one of them.

We don’t just provide legal advice; we provide business advice.

We invest our time (off the clock) making sure we understand your business goals and benchmarks. This investment helps us craft legal advice that is tailored to your current, short-term, and long-term goals—whether it is raising brand awareness, increasing market share, or developing a practical exit strategy. Time and again, our deep experience keeps us at the forefront of not only the law, but also the food and beverage industry; experience that allows us to identify new market trends—and relay them to you.

We offer flat fees and other alternative payment plans.

We work with you to develop the right payment plan, whether it is a flat fee, fee cap, blended hourly rate, or something else. We think your legal spend should be like any other line item expense in your budget. Our goal is to make your legal compliance simple and your legal spend predictable. That lets you focus on what you do best, running and growing your business.