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Family Formation

Helping you build a family.

Your journey to build a family through assisted reproductive technology, adoption, or surrogacy may feel complex to navigate—but it shouldn’t. We provide a holistic, multidisciplinary team to help individuals and couples successfully navigate the legal intricacies of building a family so you can focus on what matters most.

Led by Shareholder and Practice Group Leader Eviana Englert (she/they), our team helps individuals and couples navigate the legal process of building a family, including through assisted reproductive technology, adoption, or surrogacy.

Evi brings a first-hand understanding of the nuanced and often arduous family formation legal process, inspired by their own experience. Combined with a reputable career and skillset in complex litigation and dispute resolution matters, Evi approaches her work with empathy, precision, and collaboration with all parties involved—no matter the challenge that their clients face in beginning their journey as parents.

To support their clients, Evi:

  • Educates clients about their rights and responsibilities related to their individual reproductive journey, including the preparation of legal documents to successfully reflect that journey.
  • Guides clients in making appropriate decisions about their family building options and advises LGBTQ+ clients on their unique paths to parenthood.
  • Represents intended parents and gamete donors in the areas of egg donation, sperm donation, embryo donation, co-parent adoption and parentage proceedings.
  • Utilizes expertise as a litigator to represent and advise clients in arising-from and related litigation.
  • Connects clients with colleagues with estate planning expertise to support continued family planning as the family grows.