Drones on the Market


Drones on the Market


Drone Technology and Types:

  • Toy
  • Camera based
  • Racing
  • Delivery

Drone Technology

Drone technology is changing at a rapid rate. When the consumer drone market started expanding a few years ago, drones had impressive but limited flight ability. Much like computers, drone technology has advanced aggressively making the latest product release a mind blowing experience. Drones are now available as “purchase ready” to fly out of the box. Depending on the type of drone, it can literally fly circles around you and it can be programmed to specific coordinates on a flight path. Most drones have safety measures built in to safely keep away from no fly areas and apply its return home system when the signal is lost. Many drones also have cameras installed and others allow you to mount a camera like a GoPro. But remember if you want to fly a drone, make sure you always keep safety first and check out the drone laws and requirements in your area.   

Drone Types

The commercial drone market is about to soar. Major retailers are selling a wide variety of drones both in store and online with the expectation that drones will be one of the most popular holiday gift items this year.   

  • Toy drones are fun to use with the family and can provide a pintsized remote controlled experience that can last between 5-10 minutes per flight. Toy drones are limited to distance and flight times due to the size and shape but can be purchased for under $50.
  • Camera based drones are part of the major market growth due to its ability to capture high resolution images and video and its intelligent flight controls.
  • Racing drones are geared towards the fast paced crowd, as they provide first person views of a competitive experience. Think of the Pod race from Star Wars. These types of drones tend to be geared more towards hobbyists and start at $300 and up. 
  • Delivery drones are becoming more popular among business uses. Major retailers are testing delivery drones as a method for shipping. This means that soon you can order a drone from your favorite retailer and have it delivered by a drone. The future is coming in drones. 

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