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With us, a world of opportunity.

We understand and embrace the complexities, uncertainties, and potential of international business—and as a result are highly valuable to our clients. Good business is good business the world over, and we’ll help you find and capitalize on great opportunities.

International Business Details

With decades of experience handling transactions across 30 countries, six continents, and numerous industries (as recently tallied in one year alone), our team knows how to maximize the upside and protection of clients’ international investments. We provide insightful legal counsel and strategic advice, whether you’re a multinational corporation expanding in the United States or a smaller enterprise considering the cost-benefit analysis of opening new markets.

We can help you find new opportunities to grow your business.

We’re attorneys who know international law inside and out. But we’re also business strategists tuned-in to economic changes overseas (in everything from currency and fuel costs to middle class purchasing power). Because of our dual legal and practical lens, we’ve been able to help U.S.-based businesses successfully create foreign subsidiaries and expand into new markets; acquire or merge with foreign companies; develop and strengthen distribution and licensing networks; operate charitable organizations and NGOs in emerging countries; and more.

Conversely, we have deep expertise in helping international companies break into the U.S. market. We routinely represent global companies investing in the United States or advancing strategic objectives here, especially those looking for clarity with corporate structuring, taxation, intellectual property, employment, and other key issues.

We’ve got the skills, experience, and global street-smarts it takes to accelerate global revenue streams.

Throughout the years, our business law lawyers have not only honed their expertise in international law, they’ve cultivated valuable contacts in many parts of the world. We have meaningful and collaborative relationships with foreign ambassadors, representatives to the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement, and foreign chambers of commerce. As a result, we’re tapped into international treaties, strategies, and tax policies—and how they can affect your bottom line—as they evolve.

And with connections all over the world, we can see projects successfully through to completion.

As active members of and participants in the Colombian-American Chamber of Commerce, the International Trademark Association, the ABA’s International Practice Section, and other key organizational resources, we have access to a world of relationships to draw upon for our clients’ benefit.

And as Maine’s member of Lex Mundi, an international network connecting 160 law firms across 100+ countries, we can easily engage top-tier attorneys all over the world—enabling us to deliver seamless cross-border legal counsel.

During the past 30 years, in addition to our core corporate practice, we’ve leveraged our network to represent foreign power plants and energy producers in Latin America and the Caribbean, helping them establish infrastructure projects, successfully advance insurance claims, resolve complex cross-border disputes, and make direct investments in other growth sectors.

In addition to walking the walk, we also talk the talk.

We often speak the language of the country you’re looking to do business in, and have conducted business in Spanish, French, Hebrew, and other languages. However, regardless of where our client is doing business, we speak plainly and respectfully in building international deals—which translates into success for our clients and purposefully balanced transactions.


Bernstein Shur’s International Business Group was recently recognized by the ME International Trade Center as the “International Service Provider of the Year.”