Practices & Industries Served


Counsel from seed to sale.

Our top priority is to drive successful business outcomes for our clients in the emerging cannabis industry. We provide practical legal advice that helps ensure our clients are well-positioned in the growing marketplace to produce ever-increasing yields, identify and capitalize upon strategic growth opportunities, and navigate and comply with the current and future federal, state, and local regulatory landscapes.

We provide comprehensive, seed-to-sale legal services that business and individuals need at each and every point of the cannabis industry supply chain. From breeders, farmers, cultivators, and testing facilities, to extractors, manufacturers, distributors, dispensaries, and retailers, whether business operations are vertically integrated, stand-alone, or otherwise, we can help. Our legal services help launch, grow, and strategically position cannabis businesses in the emerging marketplace, which include legal and business advice for:

  • Choosing the right business entity
  • Securing trademarks and otherwise protecting brand identity and other valuable intellectual property
  • Raising capital and working with investors and financial institutions
  • Selecting the proper business site
  • Navigating and complying with the federal, state, and local regulatory framework
  • Anticipating and understanding legislative changes, including with respect to hemp and cannabinoids, such as cannabidiol
  • Contracting with business partners
  • Drafting and negotiating supply, distribution, and other procurement agreements
  • Developing workplace health and safety management systems, policies, and procedures
  • Hiring and training employees, developing employment policies and handbooks, and complying with federal and state employment laws
We know the ins and outs of the laws that affect your business—we even helped write some of them.

We leverage our experience to help you understand, navigate, and comply with the complex framework of federal, state, and local cannabis rules and regulations. We know not only which license or approval your business needs, but we also know where, when, and how to get it—and get it as quickly as possible.

We’re more than legal partners; we’re business counselors.

Our practice is to understand your specific business, its goals and benchmarks. This investment of time by us (often “off the clock”) helps us craft legal advice that is tailored to your current, short-term, and long-term goals—whether it is raising brand awareness, increasing market share, or developing a practical exit strategy.

Our deep experience keeps us at the forefront of not only the law, but also the cannabis industry; experience that allows us to stay on top of new market trends the same way you do.

We offer more than bill-by-the-hour fee arrangements.

We work with you to develop the right fee arrangements, and our goal is to make your legal compliance and your legal spend predictable. That lets you focus on what you do best—running and growing your business.