Bernstein Shur Rolls Out Dynamic New Brand and Counsels: “Be Shur”


Bernstein Shur Rolls Out Dynamic New Brand and Counsels: “Be Shur”

Like a Human adPortland and Augusta, ME and Manchester, NH (November 30, 2015)—Leading Northern New England law firm, Bernstein Shur recently celebrated its 100th anniversary with a complete brand makeover. The firm tapped Manhattan-based marketing agency, Thinkso, to help better communicate the firm’s unique blend of competence and accessibility. The new brand features bold colors built around clear messaging and the succinct and confident “Be Shur” trademark.

“The project began as a typical website refresh, but it quickly morphed into a total brand re-think as we asked ourselves, are we really telling our story in the best way?” said Jim Keenan, a trademark attorney and member of the firm’s Board of Directors. “The new brand is in line with the firm’s culture and set us apart in an authentic way. It’s clear and direct. It’s smart but also approachable. And, it’s confident. It quickly conveys that our firm values the same attributes that our clients value.”

“We’ve worked with a number of law firms and know that branding for the legal industry is typically very reserved and noncommittal,” said Brett Traylor of Thinkso. “That’s not Bernstein Shur. The lawyers at Bernstein Shur are focused on results, not process. They communicate clearly and confidently. And, they’re very approachable. The firm just feels different, in a great way, and we helped develop a brand that more fully reflects that. Really, we just uncovered what was already there.”

Bernstein Shur’s brand makeover is just one component of a strategic plan initiated to help the firm address its clients’ future needs while remaining true to its roots.

“The entrepreneurial spirit is baked into our DNA,” said CEO Pat Scully. “When our firm opened in 1915, we worked primarily with small business entrepreneurs. They taught our founders a lot about value, and we’ve worked very hard to carry those lessons forward. What we’ve come to realize is that clients of all sizes seek efficiency, value and clear and direct communications. So in many ways the legal industry is migrating toward how this firm has operated for a century. Our new brand better reflects this and highlights what we see as our strongest competitive advantages.”

“We’re looking forward to the next century and continuing our role as a leader in the legal industry, not just here in Northern New England but globally. When I look at some of our newest teams, like our Data Security Team and our Drone Law Team, I’m struck with how quickly industries change, and I’m thankful to be at a firm that can keep pace.”

About Bernstein Shur
Founded in 1915, Bernstein Shur is a New England-based law firm with clients across the U.S. and around the world. The firm has more than 100 award-winning attorneys and professionals who provide practical and innovative counsel in more than 20 key areas, catering to a broad range of clients and industries. Bernstein Shur is known for simplifying complex issues and winning through steadfast persistence. The firm is ME’s exclusive member of Lex Mundi, the world’s leading association of independent law firms. More information is available at