Bernstein Shur Continues its Progressive Workplace Initiatives


Bernstein Shur Continues its Progressive Workplace Initiatives

Law firm rolls out new firm-wide vacation policy

Portland and Augusta, ME and Manchester, NH (March 5, 2020) – Bernstein Shur announced its new firm-wide vacation policy, which increases paid leave and provides greater flexibility to employees in spending it. The policy, which is retroactive to January 1, is part of the firm’s ongoing efforts to provide meaningful employee benefits that promote a healthy work-life balance in a demanding, fast-paced environment.

Employees cheered after hearing the news from Bernstein Shur’s CEO, Joan Fortin, at a firm-wide assembly for all non-attorney staff.  “Research consistently shows that employees who take vacations are happier and more productive at work,” said Fortin. “In our competitive industry we’re constantly striving to increase efficiency and deliver excellence, and this new vacation policy will encourage and facilitate that.” The firm encourages all employees to use all of their vacation time every year.

The firm’s board of directors voted unanimously to increase employee vacation time by one week for each years-of-service benchmark. Although vacation time accrues for administrative purposes, the new policy allows employees to take their full vacation time at any point during the calendar year. All employees with up to 5 years of service will receive three weeks’ vacation, with additional weeks awarded at future milestones. New attorneys will receive a fourth vacation week after completing their first year on the job.

This new policy underscores Bernstein Shur’s cultural emphasis on work-life balance and caring for employees – the same attributes that inspired the firm’s industry-leading parental leave policy, which gives parents of any gender 16 weeks of paid parental leave.

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