Bernstein Shur Announces Year-End Charitable Gifts of $260,000


Bernstein Shur Announces Year-End Charitable Gifts of $260,000

Dear Friends,

As we at Bernstein Shur embrace the holiday season and focus on giving thanks for the many blessings that have come our way both as individuals and as a firm, we remain mindful that the adverse impacts of the ongoing global pandemic do not fall equally across our communities.

As we did last year, we are embracing our good fortune as a joyful obligation to give back to those in need – with a special focus on those for whom the pandemic has been less forgiving.  With this in mind, we are announcing year-end charitable gifts of $260,000 and total 2021 charitable gifts of nearly $450,000.

Our 2021 year-end gifts include:

Childcare: $100,000 – Our signature gifts this year are in support of the childcare industry, including a $75,000 contribution to Youth & Family Outreach (YFO), which received a matching grant from the Sam L. Cohen Foundation. This contribution is part of YFO’s capital campaign to expand its current home into a state-of-the art childcare center connected to a new, 60-unit apartment building. A $25,000 gift to St. Peter’s Home Child Care Center will support scholarships for families who are experiencing financial hardships during the pandemic.

A healthy and equitable economy requires a functioning childcare industry. The pandemic, however, has greatly accentuated the already existing crisis in this industry. The ME Center for Economic Policy reports that as of August 2021, 25,000 Mainers are out of work due to the lack of childcare – 22,000 of those Mainers are women (1 in 8 mothers is out of the workforce for want of childcare).

Our other contributions this year support diversity, equity and inclusion, the environment, and economic development in ME and New Hampshire.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: $85,000 – We remain steadfast in our commitment to work for meaningful change by working to dismantle systemic racism and to embrace and promote diversity, equity and inclusion. As such, we are making the following gifts:

  • A $60,000 gift to New England Innocence Project
  • A $15,000 gift to Wayside Food Programs
  • A $10,000 gift to Black Owned ME

Climate and Environment: $25,000 – We recognize the importance of being better stewards of our planet. We show our commitment to the land, water, and wildlife around us and those working tirelessly to protect them with these contributions:

  • A $15,000 gift to Society for the Protection of NH Forests
  • A $10,000 gift to ME Audubon (in addition to the firm’s $5,000 gift in April)

Community Support: $25,000 – Meeting basic needs has become harder for many due to COVID and inflation. It is essential we come together to build stronger, healthier, communities, and we make these gifts to show our commitment to these important goals:

  • A $10,000 gift to Opportunity Alliance
  • A $10,000 gift to Harbor Care NH
  • A $5,000 gift to CASA of New Hampshire

Economic Development: $25,000 – We support accelerating ME’s economic development through education and entrepreneurship as the Roux Institute is working to shape tech talent and innovation. To help further those efforts with the development and launch of new businesses throughout ME, we make this gift:

  • A $25,000 gift to The Roux Institute at Northeastern University

It is our earnest hope that our 2021 charitable contributions will provide a ray of light – and real help – to the many organizations that work tirelessly to serve those in need in our communities and those who work tirelessly to protect our planet.

We make these donations in your honor, our loyal clients and friends, because you are the ones who make this possible.  We are grateful for your friendship and support.

Happy Holidays,

Joan Fortin

Chief Executive Officer

Bernstein Shur