Bernstein Shur and Mint Mobile: A Winning Team on Super Bowl Sunday


Bernstein Shur and Mint Mobile: A Winning Team on Super Bowl Sunday

Feb. 14, 2022 — Many companies spent big bucks on their Big Game spots, but as you might have noticed, budget-friendly wireless service Mint Mobile quite literally flipped the advertising playbook, and Bernstein Shur helped make sure it was a win.

Courtesy: Mint Mobile

The company’s new ad, which aired in a pre-game slot on Super Bowl Sunday and featured Mint Mobile owner and subscriber Ryan Reynolds, cleverly “upcycled” a 2020 ad to save money on marketing and reinforce the company’s commitment to its customers.

“See, at Mint Mobile we’re always looking for ways to save our money, so we can save you money. So instead of paying for a new commercial, we’re reusing this old one,” Reynolds said in the ad.

The spot was produced by simply rotating the 2020 video and adding a new voiceover.

Still, Mint Mobile decided it would be prudent to have the new commercial reviewed by its legal counsel at Bernstein Shur, led by Kevan Lee Deckelmann, who has worked with the company on its marketing compliance matters since its inception.

Courtesy: Mint Mobile

“We’re super proud of our work with Mint Mobile and value opportunities like this one to help our clients be creative while also compliant with the many evolving state and federal laws that govern marketing and advertising,” Deckelmann said.

While Deckelmann has been a legal advisor in the marketing space for more than five years, Bernstein Shur officially launched its Media and Marketing Practice Group in November of 2021 to meet emerging business demand.

The group also includes attorneys Elliot Kelly, James Keenan and Chad Higgins.