Litigation and Dispute Resolution – Coronavirus Response Litigation and Dispute Resolution – Coronavirus Response

Litigation and Dispute Resolution – Coronavirus Response

Be prepared to be tested. If there is one thing the COVID-19 crisis has taught us, it is that we cannot rely on business as usual. We all find ourselves in a situation we never thought possible, confronting decisions we never thought we’d have to make. Our business relationships may be stretched to their limits. Some will prove to be as resilient as we hoped and expected, but others will not. In those difficult times, experienced counsel that is smart, practical, and tough – and that understands your business – will help you avoid disputes, if possible, but will fight for your interests when you have no other option.

Our litigation and trial attorneys have decades of experience working with clients just like you, and we are uniquely positioned to help you deal head-on with disputes that arise because of the COVID-19 crisis. Our services include assisting with:

  • Insurance matters, including analyzing coverages, enforcing policies, assessing insurance risks, and resolving coverage disputes
  • Commercial disputes, include breaches of contract, assessing obligations under supply and performance contracts, and resolving disputes involving the purchase and sale of goods
  • Construction-related claims and disputes, including delay and force majeure claims
  • Claims for physical injuries and other harms brought against your business by customers, bystanders, and other parties
  • Counseling you on prospective claims you may have, as well as claims that may be brought against you due to COVID-19
  • Immediately analyzing new federal, state, and local laws being passed in response to COVID-19 that could impact risks to your business
  • Advising you on whether an alternative dispute resolution mechanism – such as neutral evaluation or mediation – may provide the most efficient and effective means for resolving your dispute