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Global Consulting & Talent Revenue Strategies

Bernstein Shur
World Stage Advisors, LLC

We are a team of professionals with unique knowledge and experience working in international business, sports, and entertainment. We collaborate with Bernstein Shur attorneys to drive growth for our clients.

Bernstein Shur World Stage Advisors, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of the firm, provides business strategy consulting solutions for global corporations and exceptional talent.

We accelerate cross-border commercialization.

We believe that outstanding performance requires perspective and analytical precision; we work behind the scenes to accelerate cross-border commercialization. Bernstein Shur World Stage Advisors, LLC designs custom business solutions, including in support of global executives, athletes, and artists. We often collaborate with existing teams of professionals to maximize collective depth and resources.

We value exceptional skill and ingenuity.

We understand the years of investment and fine-tuning it takes to succeed on the global stage. Because value is at the intersection of skill and perseverance, we leverage brands to generate new revenue streams.

We secure strategic partners.

Whether seeking joint venture partners, licensees, distributors or new market alliances, we secure relationships that promote mutual benefit. We help navigate the process, from concept to contract and beyond.

We build platforms for innovation and growth.

We believe athletes and artists are as entrepreneurial as startups. From corporate formations to venture philanthropy, we help build solid foundations for sustainable growth and innovation.

Our Services

We specialize in offering the following services:

  • Business formation and profitability models
  • Identification and diversification of revenue streams
  • Brand management and intellectual property audits