Bernstein Shur Announces Climate Change Practice Group


Bernstein Shur Announces Climate Change Practice Group

Practice Group to Address Client Needs for Highly Developed, Integrated Legal Strategies  

Portland and Augusta, ME and Manchester, NH (April 22, 2021) – Bernstein Shur announced the formation of its Climate Change Practice Group. The Group is a multidisciplinary team of lawyers and consultants who are working with their clients to address a wide-ranging set of legal and regulatory changes and market opportunities arising from the myriad impacts of advancing climate change.

“We are seeing our clients in an increasing number of sectors and industries actively planning for and reacting to the effects climate change will have and is having on their operations and their property values, among other things,” said Joan Fortin, Bernstein Shur’s Chief Executive Officer. “While we have been doing this work for some time, we have formalized our Climate Change Practice Group both in recognition of the growing attention our clients are placing on climate change and to focus our expertise into a multidisciplinary team of professionals who offer creative and innovative solutions to our clients who are grappling with challenges and/or exploring emerging opportunities related to climate change.”

The formation of the group is especially timely given the Biden Administration’s focus on addressing climate change through modifications at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Departments of Energy, Interior and Commerce and at financial regulators like the Federal Reserve, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

“By launching this group as a focused resource to our clients, we will be leveraging the firm’s existing expertise in domestic and international business, tax, restructuring, energy, utilities, environmental, construction, litigation, and municipal law and bring to bear a diverse collection of expertise, skill sets and perspectives on the complex issues arising from climate change,” said David Littell, Shareholder and Chair of the Climate Change Practice Group. “The group’s attorneys and policy experts are already helping clients identify and mitigate various business risks created by climate change, adapt to climate change’s impact and costs, develop innovative strategies for the future, and to identify new opportunities across multiple industries.”

In addition to representing utilities and traditional fossil-fuel energy producers, the group has particular expertise counseling clean energy clients on project and infrastructure development and providing regulatory compliance for solar, wind, battery, and other advanced technologies. Group members also provide complex and technical energy policy advice, working with public utility commissions and energy offices on integration of carbon regulation and policy, state renewable procurements with related grid-modernization, and wholesale and other markets.

“Bernstein Shur has been the preeminent clean energy firm in Northern New England for a decade,” said Katherine Joyce, Shareholder and Chair of the firm’s Energy and Environmental Practice Group. “We felt it was time to establish a Climate Change Practice Group to formalize and coordinate the work we are already doing in this increasingly regulated and rapidly-evolving legal sphere.”

Bernstein Shur’s attorneys and consultants have represented more energy clients on wind and solar projects than any other firm in ME and New Hampshire and are regularly called upon for work across the United States, as well as internationally.

Climate Change Team Members:

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