Data Privacy: Why it Matters to Your Business


Data Privacy: Why it Matters to Your Business

DATE: Thursday, October 19, 2023
TIME: 4:30 P.M - 7:30 P.M.
LOCATION: Portland Country Club, 11 Foreside Road, Falmouth ME 04105
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As states enact new statutes regarding data privacy and consumer interactions while technology continues to make it easier for companies to do business all over the country, it is incumbent upon individual businesses to be aware of the evolving data privacy landscape to ensure compliance and understand how the requirements affect their media and marketing strategies. The new statutes and regulations impact how businesses market themselves, collect and use personal information, negotiate vendor contracts, and interact with existing and potential customers through websites and social media.

At this event, business law attorneys Kevan Lee Deckelmann, Elliot Brake, Chad W. Higgins, and Andrew Wells will provide a legal update on the progression of data privacy regulations and laws that will most likely impact every business, their marketing strategies, and how they interact with vendors and customers.


If your answer is yes to any of the below, please join us to learn more:

  • Do you have a website?
  • Do you have customers in multiple states (such as California)?
  • Do you engage in marketing via the Internet, text messages, or social media?
  • Do you retain any customer identifiers such as names, postal addresses, IP addresses, biometric information, geolocation data, or email addresses?
  • Do you use cookies or similar tools to gather information?
  • Do you hire vendors who process personal information and/or customer identifiers to perform their services for your business?
  • Do you maintain records of the products or services your clients have purchased?
  • Do you make inferences from any of the above to create customer profiles reflecting preferences, characteristics, trends, behaviors, or attitudes?
  • Do you hire vendors to perform advertising services in which they utilize personal information to create customer profiles?



4:30 pm – Doors open, drinks and appetizers provided
5:30 pm – Attorneys provide a legal update presentation
6:30 pm – More drinks, appetizers, and an opportunity to ask questions, network, and learn more
7:30 pm – Event concludes


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