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Bernstein Shur is Maine’s exclusive member of Lex Mundi, the world’s leading association of independent law firms. Lex Mundi is the mark of excellence for legal services globally. With more than 15,000 lawyers in 560 offices, Lex Mundi member firms are present in more than 160 countries, states, and provinces. These premier law firms provide legal representation and local market knowledge just about anywhere needs may arise. Our firm’s membership in Lex Mundi provides us with global reach and access to legal resources that enhance our ability to serve our clients’ needs around the world.

The key to Lex Mundi is the quality of the individual member firms. Member selection criteria are very stringent; consequently, members are among the leading law firms in their jurisdictions. While remaining independent, each Lex Mundi member firm is committed to uniform service standards that provide clients with consistency and confidence, and each shares a remarkable dedication to clients.

By selecting a Lex Mundi law firm, clients can have confidence that they will be connected to the following resources:

  • Quality representation. Lex Mundi member firms are committed to providing not only high quality legal work but superior client service as well. Each member firm is admitted only after substantial due diligence, and must survive regular quality and peer review procedures in order to retain membership in the association.
  • Preeminent law firms. Each Lex Mundi member is an elite firm in its jurisdiction. Potential members are evaluated on quality, responsiveness, ability to provide a full range of legal services, reputation, technology, management structure, ethical standards, conflict avoidance procedures, size, court admissions, and other criteria.
  • Local market knowledge. Lex Mundi member firms are locally based law firms, indigenous to their areas. As a result, they have developed the expertise most necessary in their jurisdictions as well as strong ties to the legal and business communities. They also can apprise clients of the area’s political context and provide firsthand information about the local landscape.
  • A recognized resource worldwide. Through the Lex Mundi association, clients and their advisors can receive introductions to top local law firms around the world.

Clients of Lex Mundi member firms are the ultimate beneficiaries of the worldwide reach and access to global legal expertise that membership in Lex Mundi provides its member firms. Working together, Lex Mundi member firms are able to provide expert client solutions anywhere on the globe.

For more information, visit lexmundi.com.