About Us | Core Values

We put our clients’ interests first.
Our client relationships are built on mutual respect. We earn our clients’ trust and loyalty by consistently finding practical and cost-effective ways to navigate the legal process and achieve the results that they desire.

We strive to thoroughly understand our clients’ businesses so that we can anticipate their legal needs and be sensitive to the broader context when providing counsel on specific issues.

We don’t just present options to our clients. We make recommendations. We provide our clients with honest evaluations of their problems.

We are practical, innovative and entrepreneurial.
We have inherited the entrepreneurial values of the business owners who have historically formed the firm’s client base. We are results-oriented, not process-oriented. We focus on discovering the best solution for the client, even if the solution is non-legal.

We are efficient and versatile. We find the most direct pathway to the desired result, enabling clients to quickly achieve their goals.

We strive to achieve the highest level of professional excellence.
Knowledge is our capital. We maintain a second-to-none level of technical competence in our core areas and assign work to those attorneys who are best qualified for the task.

We take the ethical responsibilities of our profession very seriously. We seek ways to consider the needs of all parties, and we treat opposing counsel respectfully.

We believe in diversity, respect and collegiality.
We value and enthusiastically promote diversity at Bernstein Shur. We believe that recognizing and celebrating individual differences across a wide spectrum of attributes encourages greater creativity and flexibility, and enables us to provide greater value to our clients.

We treat each other with respect and compassion. Bernstein Shur’s collaborative and collegial work environment enables clients to capitalize on our collective experience and ideas.

We carefully consider the unique needs of working parents. We are convinced that finding flexible solutions for working parents enables us to attract and retain the most talented attorneys and staff.

We are committed to service to community and the legal system.
We are committed to using our knowledge and skills to improve our communities through volunteer work and pro bono legal services. We believe that each of us has a responsibility to uphold the firm’s tradition of providing valuable leadership in our communities.